Make It Good – sold

By Cammy Davis on

“Make It Good”.  This is part of my series entitled “Who Has The Time?”.  It’s about the knowledge that each day is what you make of it.  You wake up, whether the sun is shining or not, what do you want to make of that day?  My youngest daughter, Pagey, and I used to say to each other, “MAKE it a good one” when we said goodbye in the morning.

This piece measures 24” x 27-1/4” and is mixed media on panel.

** Original work becomes the property of the buyer. Seller retains all rights to digital images, including the right to reproduce and sell as prints and the right to use for promotional purposes.

Please note, if shipping and handling costs are less than estimated, I will refund the difference.  Also, if you are local, you can make arrangements to pick up art work in person to save on shipping.

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