Beautiful Enough-Sold by the J. Pepin Art Gallery

By Cammy Davis on

Abstract Expressionism, Brushstrokes, Texture, Metal, Yellow, Ed
I coat myself
as if a painting,
layer after layer.
Invisible acrylic.
Sometimes it feels red,
sometimes blue
dripping down like rain.
Which layer will
protect me?
Or will washing it off,
exposing the
sensitive me
be beautiful enough?

Sold by the J. Pepin Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  Please contact them for available inventory.


This piece is acrylic and texture on panel and is 48″ x 48″. Contemporary, Abstract Expressionism by Southern Oregon artist Cammy Davis.

** Original work becomes the property of the buyer. Seller retains all rights to digital images, including the right to reproduce and sell as prints and the right to use for promotional purposes.

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