Third Friday Art Walk Map

By Cammy Davis on

Today was an interesting day.  I’ve been working on a map for the downtown Medford galleries for the Third Friday Art Walk.  I was at Art du Jour today for my co-op one-day-per-month workday and was able to get outside for a bit, so I took the opportunity to visit the local businesses shown on my map.  The goal was to find out which businesses stay open for the Art Walk, which is 5-8 pm on the third friday of each month.  I met some great people, but also walked into a few hornet’s nests.  The good thing is….I hate politics, even small town politics, so was able to plead “new girl in town” innocence….which in fact I am.  I have managed thus far to avoid getting involved.  Anyway, I hope the map helps get people to the downtown area.  I think i will pass them out around the area, try to build some interest.


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