Was the Weekend Crazy or Just Me?

By Cammy Davis on

Last weekend was crazy.  Either that or I am the crazy one.  Actually, I’m sure it’s both!  Too much stress from life, which leads to apologies and creative shut down.  Took Monday to recuperate and I think I’m human again.  Or, at least my version of human, which is somewhat lacking in the norm I’m sure.

However, in the midst of changeout at Art du Jour, opening at Art Presence and a day at Lithia Artisans Market, I got the happy news that 3 of my paintings were accepted at Rogue Gallery for the Members Exhibit.  Even better, one of my close friends had hers accepted as well.  Yay Boni!!  Maybe they will be hanging side by side.  Now that…would make me happy!

The opening will be part of the Eugene Bennett opening during May’s Third Friday in Medford.  Should be fun!

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