Oregon Art, Painting with Trees, Texture and White in color


By Cammy Davis on

$250 I’ve wanted to do a white on white painting for a while, with the idea of making it interesting with the texture.  I wanted to paint peace.  I love the way it turned out, so many different textures and shapes within the monotone. This piece is panel with acrylic, sand, plaster and resin and is 10-1/2″ …

Mixed Media Contemporary Art by Oregon Artist Cammy Davis

Sun Through Trees – Sold

By Cammy Davis on

$3200- Sold This is a painting from my series, The Trees.  Lately I’ve noticed my happiness level when I’m in nature, trees in particular.  I grew up in Southern Oregon, on property with trees and a river.  Beautiful.  I find myself longing for and trying to emulate that simple life.  This piece is the sun …

Mixed Media with small rocks, sand, wallpaper, resin, tree and earth

Retro Tree – Sold

By Cammy Davis on

I thought of my daughter Tera when I was painting this piece.  She’s always had this mid-century, retro aesthetic.  The waves of green and yellow in the background are wallpaper, the tree is sand and medium with acrylics, there is also small rocks for the earth and resin dripping over the top.  A very cool …

Strong Texture, Trees, Forest, Black and Grey, Modern

Black Forest – Sold

By Cammy Davis on

$3200.00 I went to Napa recently.  On the drive between I5 and the valley, there were these hills with black trees.  Probably from a forest fire, but beautiful nonetheless. This piece is panel with aluminum, concrete, plaster, acrylic, resin, sand and fiber paste and is 48″ x 48″.  By Southern Oregon artist Cammy Davis. ** Original work …

trees, abstract, contemporary, modern art, texture

The Trees

By Cammy Davis on

$1100 I drove to the Oregon coast recently.  It was a grey day, this is what I saw in the trees during my drive. This piece is carved panel with acrylic, resin, concrete, plaster, sand and fiber paste and is 24.5 x 24.5″.  By Southern Oregon artist Cammy Davis. ** Original work becomes the property of the buyer. Seller …