Mixed Media Contemporary Art by Oregon Artist Cammy Davis

Sun Through Trees – Sold

By Cammy Davis on

$3200- Sold This is a painting from my series, The Trees.  Lately I’ve noticed my happiness level when I’m in nature, trees in particular.  I grew up in Southern Oregon, on property with trees and a river.  Beautiful.  I find myself longing for and trying to emulate that simple life.  This piece is the sun …

Loose brushstrokes, Bright Colors, Modern Painting, Acrylic and Texture

Art Church Sunday?

By Cammy Davis on

Spent the day painting, listening to music and eating Christmas cookies.  Does a December sunday get much better?  Ooh, there’s wine left from last night…well, it’s about to get a little better.  :) Fun link I wanted to share, make sure to “like” Art Church Sunday. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+