Painting about Longing, the Ocean, Lost Love, Abstract, Contemporary

Come Back to Me

By Cammy Davis on

This painting is currently available through Second Street Gallery in Bandon, Oregon.  Please contact them directly for availability: $3200 I painted this at the Northern California / Southern Oregon coast to a song by Jeff Kloetzel entitled Come Back to Me.  It’s a song and a painting about longing. ** Original work becomes the property …

Flight, Flying, Letting Go, Emotions in Art, Abstract, Expressionism, Cammy Davis

Letting Go

By Cammy Davis on

$3200 This is a transformative piece for me.  I’ve had this desire in life to “let go” and just fly.  It kind of surrounds me when I’m allowing others thoughts and criticisms to affect my art and my world.  I listened to a piece of music by Martin Ball entitled Eagle Quest while painting this.  I …

Abstract, Art, Loose Brushstrokes, Tree, Red, Wavy, Organic, lines

Curvy Tree

By Cammy Davis on

$600 Mixed Media piece layered on magazine strips with curvy lines of a tree in bright colors.  16″ x 24-1/2″ ** Original work becomes the property of the buyer. Seller retains all rights to digital images, including the right to reproduce and sell as prints and the right to use for promotional purposes. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+