Mixed Media Art Piece by Cammy Davis, Southern Oregon Artist


By Cammy Davis on

$1800 Original $125 Framed Print Mixed Media including collage, resin and acrylic on panel by Southern Oregon Artist Cammy Davis.  Part of Connections the Art Exhibit featuring Brenda and Mitchell from Love Revolution.  Original Painting is 50″x50″ framed with black painted poplar. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+

Historic Sparta Building, ,local art exhibit Connections

The Exhibit

By Cammy Davis on

  Connections is an exciting art exhibit featuring 16 people, all from Southern Oregon, as seen through the eyes of mixed media artist Cammy Davis and photographer Jon Vait. Through a series of 10 interviews with couples and individuals, Cammy explores perceptions, experiences and ideas about connections. The exhibit is presented with audio clips, photographs from Jon …