Countdown to Death


By Cammy Davis on

$425 I notice the countdown of life lately as I watch my Gramma nearing the end of her time on earth.  The stages we go through, like the poppy (or any natural thing) from blossoming to withering.  It’s interesting. Piece is 30-1/2″ x 24″ and is mixed media. ** Original work becomes the property of …


Running Out of Time – sold

By Cammy Davis on

The idea was originally to have this clock, moon full of tears, tears dripping out of it and turning to blood, puddling on the ground.  I ended up changing the tears to blood as well.  Love the way it turned out. I think the emotions behind it are shown pretty clearly.  It’s such a part …


Time Conflict – sold

By Cammy Davis on

This is the final painting in my “Time” series.  This is a focus on relationships, what happens when one person is scheduled and the other is not?  What happens when the gears grind?  Does compromise make the pain stop?  If not, what happens when the vase is full? Piece is 24″ x 38-1/2″ and is …


Alone in Time – Sold

By Cammy Davis on

I decided to do a series based on the concept of “time” and how it affects us.  Well, me in particular.   It’s one of the underlying themes in my life and relationships.  I could label it the “stress in my life”.  I decided to look at many of the ways it affects our emotional …

wine paintings

Mazzy and Merlot

By Cammy Davis on

So, I just finished the big project I’ve been working on.  Big sigh of accomplishment.  It’s being printed and hits the stands on Monday.  I hope it gets a positive reaction and makes people smile. Now I have to switch gears and move on to the next thing.  Yesterday I delivered a wine themed painting …


Thistles – Sold

By Cammy Davis on

$550 – Sold I love the way thistles look graphically, all thorny and spikey, yet the colors are so feminine.  I started this piece by placing squares of matching textiles on the surface.  Most of the background is painted by dry brushing and trying to keep that filmy, dreamy look.  I love the way the light …