Purple Tree

New Logo Idea

By Cammy Davis on

I’ve had a few comments on the tree that I use as my logo. That it’s “not your best work”. I like it because of the strong colors. But, I like the idea of changing it as well. I get bored easily. I enjoy how Google creates new graphics each day for their “Google” logo. …

Aurora Sold

By Cammy Davis on

Today I sold my largest painting. It was the first time I’ve dealt with packing and shipping something so big. I love the shot of the painting in the beat-up pickup, quite the contrast. I hope the woman who purchased it will upload a photo of it in her space. I love to see my …

Note Cards

By Cammy Davis on

I have been working on making the note cards myself. Having them printed was turning out to be too expensive and I was not happy with the quality. I really like them with actual photographs. I have decided to mount the photos onto card stock so there is a mat around the image and then …