Pen and Ink Drawing of Medford, Oregon

Drawing for Ashland Day Trips Book

By Cammy Davis on

I spent today working on the “artistic map” for the Ashland Day Trips book by Barbara Tricarico.  So much fun to draw tiny renditions of the places and buildings in Southern Oregon.  Of course, I still need to finish this map and then do another one for Northern California.  Jan 1 due date. I also went to the hardware …

I Heart Pears Blue Charm

By Cammy Davis on

$9.00 Free Shipping! This one is just for my Medford neighbors…well, and any tourists or smart humans who love the pears grown in Southern Oregon. Zipper pulls/ charms  make easy-to-give gifts.  On this one, an image of my painting “Blue Pears” with the words “I Heart Pears” sandwiched between a silver plated pendant and a …

Was the Weekend Crazy or Just Me?

By Cammy Davis on

Last weekend was crazy.  Either that or I am the crazy one.  Actually, I’m sure it’s both!  Too much stress from life, which leads to apologies and creative shut down.  Took Monday to recuperate and I think I’m human again.  Or, at least my version of human, which is somewhat lacking in the norm I’m …