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Southern Oregonia Video

By Cammy Davis on

  “Southern Oregonia” written and performed by Oregon musicians The Brothers Reed.  This piece traveled around Southern Oregon and was painted at nine different locations; Coquille River, Bandon Jetty, Umpqua Lighthouse, Jacksonville, Woodrat Mountain, Ship Ashore, Winchuck River, Battery Point Light and Lithia Park in Ashland. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+

Southern Oregon Artist Cammy Davis

Just Breathe

By Cammy Davis on

$1280 My feeling with my art lately has been freedom, letting go and just breathing, painting my thoughts and emotions and not allowing outside to come in to my creative zone.  This piece was painted right after a visit to the Oregon Coast to visit the ports my parents used to fish out of when they were commercial …

Ocean, Loose Brushstrokes, Nature, Sea, Oregon Coast

Bandon – Sold

By Cammy Davis on

$1100- Sold $135 Limited Edition, print run 25, 20″ x 20″ Signed Print I am mesmerized by this piece.  I found this gorgeous, rough, weathered wood in Bandon, Oregon.  I built a frame of birch around it and then started painting.  Oh heavenly texture and colors.  I feel like I’m at the Oregon Coast when …