Cammy Davis Art in Medford Mail Tribune Tempo 2-18, Oregon Artist

Winter Textures by Cammy Davis in the Tempo

By Cammy Davis on

Jacksonville artist Cammy Davis will present paintings focused on texture and winter colors.  “Winter Textures” will be displayed through Friday, March 28, at the Berryman Gallery at the Craterian Theater, 23 S. Central Ave., Medford.  Paintings can be viewed during each scheduled performance at the Craterian Theater and pre-show from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.  Visit …

Southern Oregon Artist Cammy Davis by paintings in the Berryman Gallery

Winter Textures at the Berryman Gallery

By Cammy Davis on

My newest exhibit is hanging at the Berryman Gallery in the Craterian Theater in Medford from February 7th through March 28th.  The exhibit is called Winter Textures and features new paintings focusing on texture and winter colors.  You can view the paintings during each scheduled performance at the Craterian, pre show from 6:30 to 7:30. …

Glass Act Reception

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Had such a fun time last night at the Glass Act reception at Rogue Gallery.  I need to start reading my emails thoroughly because I didn’t realize the artists would be talking at the beginning of the reception.  I walked into the middle of a talk by Randall Perkins (made a fool of myself, as …


Summer Crumbling to Winter

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  Hey, if I’m gonna say ” yes” to a benefit, it’d better be something I can have some fun with!  Goodie Glasses that I painted and filled with “Cammy Davis products”, a necklace, pet charm, key ring and art charm.  The second image is the centerpiece for the table.  G and I hit the …

Was the Weekend Crazy or Just Me?

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Last weekend was crazy.  Either that or I am the crazy one.  Actually, I’m sure it’s both!  Too much stress from life, which leads to apologies and creative shut down.  Took Monday to recuperate and I think I’m human again.  Or, at least my version of human, which is somewhat lacking in the norm I’m …

Tonights Medford Art Walk

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I love it when I pull out the paper and my name is in it.  :)  Doesn’t happen often.  Anyway, tonight is Medford’s friday art walk and my work is in three places downtown.  Art du Jour, Organic Natural Cafe and the Rogue Gallery.  I won’t be there sadly, because there is no one to …