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September Newsletter

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Flight, Flying, Letting Go, Emotions in Art, Abstract, Expressionism, Cammy DavisOctober and Portland, the perfect combination!  On October 1st I will be the featured artist at the J. Pepin Art Gallery on 9th Street in the Pearl District.  I’ve named the exhibit, “Letting Go”.  It’s about my journey to let go of other people’s criticism and expectations and learn to listen to myself.  It’s been an empowering year for me and I think it shows in my newest paintings.  If you’re in Portland, make sure you come by for the opening from 5:30 to 8:30 during First Thursday’s Art Walk in the Pearl.  The exhibit will open on October 1st and run through the end of the month.  Please contact Jennifer Pepin for availability of pieces:  J. Pepin Art Gallery.  The music/art video to go along with the exhibit will be released on Sept 15th.  It’s a powerful video that includes a human bird cage, paragliding and painting.  The music is Eagle Quest written and performed by Martin Ball.  Here’s the teaser video, the final one will be posted on Sept 15th.  Letting Go Teaser Video

Cammy Art WebsiteLast month I rebranded my jewelry line to Cammy Art!  Check out the new website, CammyArt.  I want people to clearly recognize that I’m a fine artist when they approach my booth at trade shows.  It’s what my product is about, so the re-branding was to accomplish that as well as leave room for further Cammy Art products as I grow my business.  For more about my rebranding and trade show process and tips, listen to the podcast at EATT Magazine and Radio.  I also was interviewed at the Seattle Gift Show, that podcast will be coming out soon.  I give five tips for exhibiting at trade shows.  Great info if you’re an entrepreneur and considering exhibiting at your first trade show!

Radio host Cammy Davis on Art on the AirwavesUpcoming Art on the Airwaves shows.  This friday: Cullen Pope from EATT Magazine live from Australia and artist/musician Martin Ball.  October 18th, musician Jeff Kloetzel.  Listen live 1-2 PST on  You can catch all the podcasts on Art on the Airwaves.



Artists Chris Foster and Cammy DavisAn article I wrote about artist Chris Foster just came out in EATT magazine.  His art is amazing and it was so interesting interviewing him.  Here’s an excerpt: “Be curious about experimentation, explore new mediums, materials and substrates.  And don’t be too careful, see what the materials can and cannot do, trust yourself.”  It’s a must read and EATT Mag is offering my subscribers a special discount of $3.99 for 3 magazine issues!  Here the link:  EATT Magazine.

Glass Pendant Art Jewelry by Cammy DavisIn next month’s newsletter, I will be announcing a special offer for subscribers.  I’ve had quite a few people ask where I sell my jewelry locally, as they want to stock up to have on hand for gifts.  Well, I have recently discontinued a bunch of my designs, so am going to bundle them and sell at a huge discount to subscribers.  Stay tuned for October’s newsletter for information.