Loose brushstrokes, Bright Colors, Modern Painting, Acrylic and Texture

Art Church Sunday?

By Cammy Davis on

Spent the day painting, listening to music and eating Christmas cookies.  Does a December sunday get much better?  Ooh, there’s wine left from last night…well, it’s about to get a little better.  :) Fun link I wanted to share, make sure to “like” Art Church Sunday. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+

Pen and Ink Drawing of Medford, Oregon

Drawing for Ashland Day Trips Book

By Cammy Davis on

I spent today working on the “artistic map” for the Ashland Day Trips book by Barbara Tricarico.  So much fun to draw tiny renditions of the places and buildings in Southern Oregon.  Of course, I still need to finish this map and then do another one for Northern California.  Jan 1 due date. I also went to the hardware …

Cammy Davis and Jennifer Pepin at J. Pepin Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon

For art I give thanks..

By Cammy Davis on

I just went to Portland and then Seattle for the Thanksgiving holiday. I swear, I need to get away more! I packed up the van with paintings to drop at J. Pepin Gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon. Love Jennifer Pepin, very sweet, talented artist. After a quick stop in Portland to drop …

Mixed Media with small rocks, sand, wallpaper, resin, tree and earth

Retro Tree

By Cammy Davis on

This piece is currently on exhibit at the Rogue Gallery, please call for availability. $225.00 I thought of my daughter Tera when I was painting this piece.  She’s always had this mid-century, retro aesthetic.  The waves of green and yellow in the background are wallpaper, the tree is sand and medium with acrylics, there is …