Rogue Valley Messenger Article about Cammy Davis and Edgy in October

Pushing the Envelope Rogue Valley Messenger Article

By Cammy Davis on

Rogue Valley Messenger, By Sara Jane Wiltermood, Published September 26 2014 Pushing the Envelope, The Edgy in October Art Event Spices Up Our Valley’s Art Scene When mixed media artist Cammy Davis moved to Southern Oregon from Seattle three years ago, she had hoped to discover a thriving local art scene—with Ashland Shakespeare Festival and Britt Festival …

Purple Sky, Leaf, Eye, Blood Tears by Cammy Davis

Purple Haze

By Cammy Davis on

$100 My favorite surreal month of the year….October!  Purple Haze has mixed media including pressed leaves, tissue paper and fiber paste.  An image of a leaf with an eye crying blood is in the center with blood red and purple sky. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+

Chain Link and Hands with Retro Automobile Stripes

The Link

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$1800 Original Painting $600 Framed Print Mixed Media including metal, plaster, sand and acrylic on panel by Southern Oregon Artist Cammy Davis.  Part of Connections the Art Exhibit featuring Whitney and Christoph.  Original Painting is 50″x50″ framed with black painted poplar. VKFacebookTwitterGoogle+