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Cammy’s Bio

By Cammy Davis on

Cammy Davis is a mixed-media artist whose work has been featured at fine art galleries throughout the Northwest, and has been published in books—Ashland, Oregon and Ashland, Oregon Day Trips—and periodicals—EATT Magazine, Luxe Beat Magazine and Southern Oregon Magazine. Her paintings have inspired Cammy Davis Jewelry. Cammy is also an active member of the arts …

Southern Oregon Artist Cammy Davis

Just Breathe

By Cammy Davis on

My feeling with my art lately has been freedom, letting go and just breathing, painting my thoughts and emotions and not allowing outside to come in to my creative zone.  This piece was painted in that protected space of freedom. This piece is acrylic and texture on panel and is 24″ x 24″.  Abstract Expressionism by Southern …

Ocean, Loose Brushstrokes, Nature, Sea, Oregon Coast


By Cammy Davis on

$1100 I am mesmerized by this piece.  I found this gorgeous, rough, weathered wood in Bandon, Oregon.  I built a frame of birch around it and then started painting.  Oh heavenly texture and colors.  I feel like I’m at the Oregon Coast when I look at it. This piece is acrylic on reclaimed wood built into …

Mixed Media, Contemporary Art by Southern Oregon Artist Cammy Davis

Another Wave

By Cammy Davis on

$3200 I spent a weekend at the Oregon Coast recently, which is where I grew up.  I am so moved by the ocean, the fresh sea air and all the colors of grey and blues, browns, greens, the mist and the salt.  So inspiring. When I went home, I painted this piece to Another Wave …

Painting about Longing, the Ocean, Lost Love, Abstract, Contemporary

Come Back to Me

By Cammy Davis on

This painting is currently available through Second Street Gallery in Bandon, Oregon.  Please contact them directly for availability: $3200 I painted this at the Northern California / Southern Oregon coast to a song by Jeff Kloetzel entitled Come Back to Me.  It’s a song and a painting about longing. ** Original work becomes the property …