Running Out of Time – sold

By Cammy Davis on

The idea was originally to have this clock, moon full of tears, tears dripping out of it and turning to blood, puddling on the ground.  I ended up changing the tears to blood as well.  Love the way it turned out.

I think the emotions behind it are shown pretty clearly.  It’s such a part of our lives every day.  Time, not enough of it, running out of it, death approaching little by little.  I’m caretaking my 94 year old Gramma, so I think about this type of thing often when I look at her.  How much time do I have left with her, to learn her wisdom.  I wonder if she thinks about how much time she has left.  When you love someone, time is often a sad thing.

Piece is 24″ x 48″ and is mixed media.

** Original work becomes the property of the buyer. Seller retains all rights to digital images, including the right to reproduce and sell as prints and the right to use for promotional purposes.

Please note, if shipping and handling costs are less than estimated, I will refund the difference.  Also, if you are local, you can make arrangements to pick up art work in person to save on shipping.


  1. I saw this piece of art at the coffee shop in Jacksonville. It is the most beautiful work of art! I love your use of colors, strong images, texture, and dimension as well. Beautiful work!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you visited my exhibit at the Good Bean. I think that was my favorite piece of the series. I caretake my gramma, who is 95, and there is this feeling when she’s sitting and staring into space, that I’m watching her slowly, “running out of time”. Thank you for your nice comments.


  2. This painting was on display at the Good Bean Coffee shop in Jacksonville, Oregon. This abstract work is composed on a 24” x 48” rectangular wood panel, and it is unframed. Using acrylics, tissue paper, and textiles, it depicts a circular clock resembling the moon, set behind the silhouette of a tree. From the clock, drops of blood drip down to form a puddle near the base of the tree.
    The focal point of this work is the moon clock, but the drops make the viewer’s eyes travel down to the puddle of blood at the bottom of the work. Because of these two focal points, the work is very balanced. The use of blood drops, as well as the deep red color, is repeated through the work. It mostly has curvilinear shapes, but there are a few rectilinear shapes as well.
    I was initially drawn to this painting because of the use of colors. The artist, Cammy Davis, used dark grey, white, black, and deep shades of red in this image, whereas her other works contained cheery colors. It has a somewhat sorrowful undertone to it, but art that has deep meaning catches my eye. One very interesting aspect about this work is that she uses tissue paper and textiles to add dimension to the drops of blood.
    At first glance, this work made me think of someone being pursued and he or she was running out of time before their pursuer would come to kill them. I thought this because of the night-like setting and the blood drops. However, Cammy stated on her website, “I’m caretaking my… Gramma, so I think about… how much time… I have left with her, to learn her wisdom.” Her meaning behind the work makes sense; the night represents the end of a day or time, the blood makes one think about death, and the title “Running out of Time” fits the theme really well, although the idea of learning the wisdom of our elders does not seem to be portrayed.

    Just wanted to post my school review of this work :)

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