Dandelions in the Sky

By Cammy Davis on

$325 I started painting dandelions when I was considering what to have tattooed on my wrist, next to my peace sign.  Graphically I like dandelions because they are contained and symmetrical, while still being so sporadic and wild.  I like contrasts.  Researching the meaning, the one I like best was “tenacity”.  A good traight to …


Make It Good – sold

By Cammy Davis on

“Make It Good”.  This is part of my series entitled “Who Has The Time?”.  It’s about the knowledge that each day is what you make of it.  You wake up, whether the sun is shining or not, what do you want to make of that day?  My youngest daughter, Pagey, and I used to say …


Time Heals

By Cammy Davis on

$425 This piece is entitled “Time Heals”.  It is the first piece in a series entitled “Who Has The Time?”.  I came up with the concept when I was going through a breakup.  I was hurting so much and trying to find the positives in the pain.  Time does help, as each day got better. …