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August Art Newsletter

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Darrin Wayne, Cammy Davis, Canyon WebbFor my last Art on the Airwaves, I had tattoo artist Canyon Webb, as well as country singer Darrin Wayne, plus a special call-in guest, my daughter Page Dormier!  If you missed it, you can still listen: Art on the Airwaves.  Wondering who my guests are in August?  Tune in!  And, please take a moment to give my podcasts a 5-star review on iTunes.  Thank you!Jefferson State Vibes with art by Cammy Davis

Great article in the “Artisan Tremors” column in Jefferson State Vibes.  Pick up a copy of Vibes at any convenience store in the Rogue Valley or you can read the full article here: Artisan Tremors.

One of this month’s highs…an interview on EATT Magazine Radio with Cullen Pope recorded from my tent in Berkeley.  I rendered him speechless talking about my latest video, shot from inside a human birdcage.  He also included a song by Jeff Kloetzel at the end of the podcast.

So many lessons this month to pass along.  One of them, keep things simple.  This came up in my interview with Cullen.  It was in reference to the trade show in San Francisco, but I think it applies to most things in business.  People are overwhelmed by all the information coming at them in today’s world.  Make your display, art, music, business approachable in a simple way, with depth and meaning, but not overdone.  People will respond better.

I’m going to be doing another podcast with Cullen, a follow up from the Seattle Gift Show and will be talking about my top five tips for entrepreneurs attending trade shows.  I hope you can listen!  EATT Magazine Radio.

J. Pepin Art Gallery in the Pearl DistrictIt has been a dream of mine for the past 20 years to show my art in “The Pearl”.  I started visiting this area of Portland when my kids were little and the district was new and upcoming.  Many people know the hours that I put into making my art dreams a reality.  And here is the outcome…a photo of two of my paintings in the J. Pepin Art Gallery in Portland for July.  A huge thank you to Jennifer Pepin for this opportunity.  And…mark your calendars for October when I will be the featured artist at this gorgeous gallery on 9th St in the Pearl District!  Please come and celebrate with me!  Opening reception is First Thursday, Oct 1st from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.  I’d love to see a bunch of my Seattle and Oregon friends there!  It’s going to include new paintings, such as “Letting Go” that I painted to Martin Ball’s “Eagle Quest”.  The music/art video is still in process, but it involves me in a human birdcage!

Made in Oregon retail stores carries art jewelryLast month my jewelry became available at the Made in Oregon stores.  Step two, getting re-orders.  My first one is on the way!  I decided to add “painting tags” to each of the necklaces, with a sentence or two about the painting the image derives from.  On the back side, it lets the purchaser know a little bit about me, the artist.  I wanted to clearly, simply show what sets my jewelry apart, that it is little pieces of “wearable art”.  Please stop by Made in Oregon stores and purchase gifts for your friends and yourself!