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I had the pleasure of viewing your work at the J.Pepin gallery the first Thursday of this month. I was left in awe at the work.  Thank you for creating such gritty beauty and inspiring future artists such as myself!! – Brittany, Student at Eastern Oregon University

Hi Cammy, Happy New Year! We LOVE and so appreciate your work. And we’re especially entranced by your Bandon piece on weathered wood. We understand it is sold, but wonder if you would consider selling a print?  It would be such an honor to have this print in our home, Cammy. We live in Portland now, but grew up on the Oregon Coast and would cherish it each and every day. Please advise–thanks so much! Matthew

I’m an artist with no wall space, but if I had some, I’d seriously think about buying yours. I just wanted you to know you have something special going on. :) Happy New Year! Linda

Hi Cammy-
Your picture was a big hit! It’s hanging in Ashland school district headquarters, Hopefully more people will come and enjoy your artwork just like I did. Thanks again! – Ben Helsel | Account Executive, Seattle

Great Job Cammy! Its like we have an art advocate. I think we should all be glad you moved here.  I did first Friday once before in Ashland and not a single person looked at the art. This year it was like they were there to see my art not just to meet and go onto dinner from there. I really think the radio spot helped a great deal.  So thanks so much for mentioning me. I hope you realize how much good you spread out there.   – Sarah Waldon, Fine Artist, Oregon

Hi Cammy,

Thanks so much for doing a video of Illahe…I was really impressed with how you incorporated the still photos into the video, and I didn’t look too bad! (considering I hate to see myself on the screen, which is odd, because I don’t seem to have a lot of self consciousness about talking!)  Thanks – Susan E Springer, Gallery Owner, Ashland, Oregon
Sometimes in life you meet someone who truly inspires you…..Cammy Davis is one of those people I have had the pleasure to meet. Thank you Cammy for showing me not to give up my dream! I am so proud of your Art, your determination as well as the love and care you show your family! – Kimberly Curry (former retailer of Cammy Davis jewelry)
Just keep doing what you do so well honey….youre amazing at promoting yourself and art…you are your own wings and you inspire me and so many people, you are YOU..the best at being positive and and that’s why I love ya… now fly! ( and take me with ya ;-) – Kathleen Hoevet, Photographer, Medford, Oregon