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October Newsletter

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by Cammy Davis

Letting Go, my first solo exhibit in Portland!!  Letting Go will be featured in the J. Pepin Art Gallery during the month of October.  Please stop in and visit Jennifer Pepin’s lovely gallery.  More info: J. Pepin Art Gallery


Music, Art, Oregon, painted Human, Artist, MusicianOn the October cover of the Jacksonville Review with local musician Jeff Kloetzel!  The image is from a video shoot we did to his song “Come Back to Me”.  The video will be out soon and may I just say….Jeff makes the best canvas ever!  ;)  You can read the full article HERE

CD by Jeff Kloetzel, Necklace, Earrings, Card by Oregon Artist Cammy Davis






Music Art Gift Sets are now available locally, as well as on  Sets include Clear Morning Light and Come Back to Me with musician Jeff Kloetzel and Playin’ Hooky with musician Darrin Wayne.  These make great Christmas or anytime gifts!  They include a CD, necklace, earrings and matching card.  You can purchase them locally at the Crown Jewel in Ashland and Jacksonville.

I did a new podcast with Cullen Pope from EATT Magazine in Australia, with tips for Artists and Entrepreneurs at trade shows.  The Podcast ends with Come Back to Me by Jeff Kloetzel.  A must listen!